Private Concierge

1 – We handle your appointments

A dedicated assistant will help you handle your appointments on a day to day basis. Doctor, dentist, hairdresser, banker, insurance company, birthday, your personal assistant will remind you of all important dates. Nothing to worry about, your assistant is there for you.

2 – We are here when you are not

When you’re not home (holiday, accident….) your assistant will come to your place to make sure everything is OK. We will Open/close your shutters, open the windows to air your rooms, water your garden and your plants (inside / outisde), take care of your pool. We can also be present should you need us during the intervention of a technician, a maintenance. We can make your home ready when you come back ( shopping, turn the heat on….)

Every member of the family should be taken care off. We can find a pet-home or a pet-sitter for your animal while away.

3 – Adminisration

A personal assistant will help you sort out your administrative procedures. This person will come to your home to help you run the day-to-day operations such as handle your bills, write a letter, archiving, take care of administrative paperwork , (ID, passeport, car registration document, etc….).

4 – We handle your bookings

Your personal assistant can book a dinner in a nice restaurant, get a ticket for a show, a museum, an exhibition, book a train or plane ticket, or make hotel reservations.

5 – Deliveries

Your personal assistant can deliver your shopping, newspapers, flowers, gifts, mail, cocktail, small parcels…). Your personal assistant can also take care of your laundry, shoe repairing, become your personal shopper.

6 – Well-being

Upon request, As a groom will recommend specialists in well-being : Beauty counsellor – Hair stylist – Masseur – Personal trainer – Coach relooking – etc…)

7 – Create a new home

An interior architect will help you optimise your property or help re-design your future home.

A landscape designer will help your create your ideal environement.
A Feng Shui specialist will help you organize a balanced energetic home for a maximum harmony.

8 – Emergency services

In case of emergency your personal assistant will provide you with competent and reliable partners ( plummer, electrician, locksmith , heating engineer – computer scientist – etc…)

9 – Leisure, Stays, Round trip

Events, Birthday party, tours in the vineyards, Visits, Ready-to-enjoy stays…


We will make your dreams come true.

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